Art Investing, Made Simple

Until now, collecting and investing in the world's greatest works of art has been a privilege enjoyed only by a select few.
This changes with Artfi !
Artfi is a rapidly expanding platform for fine art connoisseurs and investors. Its mission is to democratise art ownership through blockchain & NFTs.

The Massive Art Market

You are invited to join a community of art collectors and reap the benefits of investing in blue chip fine art.

Own a stake of an illustrious artwork.

Participate in the art market’s high historical rate of appreciation and low correlation to equities.

Access secondary NFT markets for interim liquidity.



Global sales of fine art 2019.

$1.7 T

Art & collectables current market cap.


Of wealth managers surveyed recommend investing in fine art.

The Artfi Foundation

Experience the art you own, virtually or in the physical world!

The Artfi Foundation is a non-profit public trust which runs a physical museum dedicated to the display and preservation of the artworks owned by the Artfi community. Every artwork acquired by Artfi and sold to the community will be immediately installed at the museum and will take part in collaborative exhibitions with other distinguished museums and art galleries around the world.

The Artfi Foundation will also develop a museum in the metaverse where the Artfi collection will be virtually on display 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.